Network access


Specifications, hints & tips

Generic information for setting up an eduroam profile

Here you will find the necessary information for a manual setup of Eduroam.

  • WLAN SSID/Name: eduroam
  • Security: WPA2 (with AES, "WPA Enterprise")

Preferred configuration for authentication:

  • Authentication / EAP method: Protected EAP (PEAP) Inner-/Phase 2
  • Authentication: MSCHAPv2

Alternative configurations for authentication:

  • Authentication /EAP method: TTLS (tunneled TLS)
  • Inner/Phase 2 authentication: PAP or MSCHAPv2
  • Anonymous Identity (optional):
  • Username: [Uni-Basel email address, not short name!]
  • Password: [Your Uni-Basel-Password]]

Server/domain to be connected (optional):

Supported operating systems

Microsoft Windows

Windows Versions (Server Versions equivalent):

- Windows 11

- Windows 10 (All versions, except IoT and "Mobile Device Versions" which obtain the version from the Microsoft Store)

Windows requirements:

- 100 MB free disk space

- Microsoft Installer, version 3.1



Linux Distributions:

- Ubuntu 20.04 or higher (only 64-bit)



- The latest three macOS versions (please note that beta versions are excluded)


AnyConnect requires 50MB of free disk space.

Other operating systems (this includes mobile operating systems such as Android) may work, but are not tested or supported by IT Services.

Maintenance access for companies

For companies, the University of Basel provides a specific VPN connection. This can be requested via an application form.


There are three different Wi-Fi networks available which cover different usage profiles.


Eduroam is an internet access for university members of all participating universities (worldwide). Registration is done using the access data of the participating university (e-mail address and password).


This Wi-Fi does not require any access data and does not give access to the university network or the internet. The Wi-Fi can be used if no other internet access is available to set up Eduroam or the VPN client. The website is accessible from this Wi-Fi.


With the free Wi-Fi UNIBAS-Visitor of the University of Basel you get access to the internet. The access code you receive is valid for six months and can be used on a maximum of three devices at the same time. Attention: The Wi-Fi UNIBAS-Visitor is only available between 06:30 and 23:30 and after five days you will be asked to enter the access code again. In case of loss, the code can be retrieved again by SMS.