IT Services is the consulting, competence and service centre of the University of Basel, providing widely used information and communication technology (ICT) services for research, teaching, studies and administration. It supplies, supports and advises all members of the University as well as third parties within the framework of cooperation agreements. Through the IT Service Centers (ITSC), it ensures customer proximity and orientation to the current needs of users.

Our tasks

  • Operation and expansion of the university's internal communications network and connection to the Swiss Academic Network(SWITCH)
  • Operation of the data center and central server infrastructures as a basis for the services of all IVIT providers as well as other units of the university.
  • Continuous improvement of the technical information security (cybersecurity) for all IVIT providers and all units of the university.
  • Provision of IT services with a focus on communication and collaboration (e-mail, web, intranet, videoconferencing, learning platform, ...)
  • Operation and further development of identity and authorization management(IAM) as well as directory services and federations (e.g. Edu-ID)
  • Procurement and operation of standard PC workstations as well as subject-specific IT solutions on behalf of ITSC-supplied departments
  • Provision of publicly accessible PC workstations and physical and virtual course rooms
  • Support and coordination of IT procurements (hardware and licenses)
  • Provision of a central IT service catalogue and a central point of contact for all enquiries and fault reports relating to IT provision (service desk)
  • Training, consulting and support in our areas of responsibility


The CSS department is responsible for concluding framework agreements for the procurement of standard hardware and software, for the operation and allocation planning of the central computer rooms, for the loan of equipment, for the operation of the central printing services and for services for the central administration of PCs and Macs.


The service desk is the "single point of contact" for technical questions, poster printing and laptop lending.

IT Service Centers (ITSC)

The IT Service Centers (ITSC) are IT service teams that primarily provide basic IT and, depending on the case, additional IT services at the University of Basel on a geographical basis and across organizational unit boundaries. The IT Service Centers of the served units form the link between the users and the central IT services. The IT Service Centers are the primary points of contact with regard to the procurement and support of hardware and software.

The ICT Infrastructure department is responsible for the stable operation and a reliable and secure IT supply for the students and employees of the University of Basel. They provide services such as email and web services and operate a large number of backend servers as well as our high-performance computers. Other tasks include hosting (virtual) servers for institutes, operating the university's central directory service, telephony (landline and mobile) and the Active Directory.

Basic Infrastructure and Telephony (BIT)

BIT is the contact for all topics of technical infrastructure: electrical and air conditioning, building cabling, construction, fixed telephony strategy, mobile.

Client Services (CS)

Services for the central administration of PC and Mac. Service components for the central administration of Windows, macOS, Linux clients. Operation of tools to support enrollment, patch management, software delivery, OS deployment, remote control, software license monitoring, inventory and lifecycle of standard hardware and software.

Network Infrastructure and Network Security (NINS)

NINS is responsible for the planning, installation, maintenance and security of all data networks at the University of Basel. It operates the core network in the area of IT services, provides all connected buildings (approx. 80) spread across the city with network connections and ensures communication with the Internet (SWITCH). Another area of work is the maintenance and further development of the radio network, the VPN and the network security devices.

If you have any support queries, please contact Support-ITS. If you have a "network emergency", you can also contact us directly at or +41 (0) 61 207 10 96.

Server and Storage Infrastructure (SSI)

The SSI (Server & Storage Infrastructure) team operates the university's central virtualisation landscape and is the point of contact for all questions relating to virtualisation, including SWITCHengines. It is also the point of contact for consulting / procurement of any server hardware and storage systems.

SSI is responsible for the operation, expansion and planning of the central backup infrastructure and offers solutions for backing up clients, physical and virtual servers, NAS storage and applications such as databases and Exchange.

Another focus is the operation of the central NAS systems (HNAS, aka jumbo file servers) as well as the operation and maintenance of the SAN infrastructure and the associated block storage systems for various applications.

Windows Services and Groupware (WSG)

The WSG team is responsible for the operation, expansion and planning of the central directory service Active Directory with the groupware Microsoft Exchange (e-mail, mailing lists, calendar). WSG looks after ITS-owned and hosted Windows servers. Further focal points are the administration, planning and conceptual design of the folder structures and SMB authorizations on the central storage. For all these areas WSG provides 2nd and 3rd level support and offers consulting services in concept, operation and implementation. Further areas of work are the monitoring of hardware and applications with alerting and the operation of the central terminal server farms.

WAMS provides learning platforms and supports teaching, research and administration with communication and cooperation tools, some of which it developed itself. It is also the technical pillar of LearnTechNet.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

The IAM manages people and their authorisations for university-wide access to IT resources. It forms the hub for the exchange of personal data between the various IT systems.

Web Applications (WApp)

Team WApp develops and operates various web tools and learning platforms in the field of teaching and collaboration and offers products to realize own web presences.

Web and System Management (WSyM)

WSyM provides the university's organizational units with Linux server platforms for running web servers and applications.