IT Services (ITS) provide IT services to employees and organizational units of the University. In the following context, the ITS are service providers. The employees and organisational units are service recipients or users. By using the IT services, the users agree to the ANBITS. If the users do not accept the ANBITS, the IT services may not be used. For all IT services that must be applied for individually, the person making the application names a service manager vis-à-vis the ITS.

These terms of use apply to all university members as well as third parties who use university IT services of the University of Basel.

  1. Users undertake to use the services only in accordance with the agreements and as instructed by ITS. The ITS accepts no responsibility for any damage or claims by third parties that may arise.
  2. If responsible persons have to be named for the use of ITS services, this information must be kept up to date. ITS must be informed immediately of any changes.
  3. It is the responsibility of users to make regular backups of important software and data, unless otherwise noted in the service description.
  4. Service managers are committed to the secure configuration of their services and the timely installation of updates.
  5. Inquiries, requests and further contacts on the part of the ITS employees are to be answered promptly.
  1. The ITS (ServiceDesk and ServiceOwner) can only provide limited support.
  2. All support requests must be sent to the ITS ServiceDesk. The ServiceDesk is responsible for the first level support and forwards the requests internally if necessary.
  3. For requests going beyond this, ITS will try to recommend a suitable external service provider to the user. The use of external service providers is the responsibility of the user, the ITS does not assume any costs.
  4. The ITS will provide support to the service responsible named for the relevant service at the ITS.
  1. If administrator and/or maintenance accounts are required for services, only personalized accounts or edu-ID may be used.
  2. For external service providers, the client may request a Unibas maintenance account.
  3. Local accounts are only allowed with the approval of ITS.
  1. ITS undertakes to treat all personal data of the ordering party confidentially and not to dispose of it to third parties. Data will only be passed on to third parties if this is necessary for the fulfilment of the order.
  2. The storage of confidential/personal data is only permitted after written agreement with the information security officer of ITS.
  1. In principle, the operating and service times specified in the service descriptions apply.
  2. If a service is unexpectedly used so intensively that other services are no longer available as a result, the service causing this can be restricted in its availability or also taken out of operation. ITS will try to take measures together with the responsible user so that operation can be resumed as quickly as possible.

Any security vulnerabilities or security incidents that become known must be reported immediately to the ITS Information Security Officer.

  1. Compliance with the terms of use is checked regularly, but also on an ad hoc basis.
  2. In the event of violations of the terms of use, the ITS may temporarily or permanently restrict or terminate access to the service.
  3. If university operations are endangered, the ITS is authorized to temporarily block access to the service immediately.
  4. If users do not respond to contact from ITS, the corresponding services may be restricted or terminated.

The University of Basel reserves the right to expand or reduce its IT services depending on demand and technical constraints. ITS is entitled to change these terms of use at any time by written notice.