Software offer for employees

Employees can find all the products that IT Services can provide at a reduced price or free of charge in the Software Shop section of the University of Basel . In addition, employees can purchase Home Use Software products directly from the Software Shop, which they would like to use on their private computers.

Computer managers can purchase software from our Software Shop for university computers used in their area.

Clicking on the button below will take you to the webshop.

Terms of use for computer managers: Licenses are valid for non-commercial use for all employees of the University of Basel on devices of the University of Basel until the specified date. The License Management Team will inform you about any renewals. If the license is not renewed, you are required to uninstall the software at that time. Complete license terms from the manufacturer can be requested from the License Management Team at any time.

Terms of use for employees: Licenses are valid until the specified date or as long as you are employed by the University of Basel. Validity is always the earlier date. The licenses are exclusively for non-commercial use on your private device.

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