SWITCH edu-ID is a further development of the existing SWITCHaai service. The aim of the SWITCH edu-ID is to expand the SWITCHaai service and act as a new, lifelong "academic identity" solution. New applications such as the Swiss Library Platform (SLSP) require a SWITCH edu-ID. But existing applications (e.g. SWITCHdrive) also required the SWITCH edu-ID as an authentication method in the past.

It was therefore time for users to require only one identity at SWITCH for all applications. The changeover affected not only all users at the University of Basel, however, but also a large number of applications. All these applications had to be checked for compatibility in advance and adapted if necessary. All the preparations, both on the part of the users and the application managers and the provider SWITCH, had to be completed on schedule so that the changeover could be carried out successfully on 10 November 2020.

More information on how the cooperation with the individual stakeholders took place and what the challenges were in the course of the project can be found in the following project report.