Account usage

The computer resources of the University of Basel are an important working tool for all users. In order to maintain secure operation, all participants must also adhere to the following rules:

Personal passwords / password verification

Each user receives a user name (login) and a personal password for the central computers / e-mail. For the local computers (PCs, MACs) another user name with password can be assigned.

The personal password may not be passed on to other persons or institutions. If the password has been passed on, the person using the system is liable for any misuse of the password by third parties.

Since the password is the "door" to the computers and one's own data, it must be designed in such a way that it cannot be easily guessed (there is computer software that tries to do this automatically). Passwords are stored on systems in encrypted form only. IT Services can test the security of stored and encrypted passwords using appropriate testing software as required. If this software defines an encrypted password as easy to guess and therefore insecure, the respective user is informed and must change his password immediately. If they do not change it, they may be assigned a new, secure password by IT Services or have their access to University computing resources restricted.

(More information: Please see our information on secure passwords and how to change a password).