Caution Phishing

Fraudulent e-mails are still in circulation

Please be attentive and check for emails, especially those you are not expecting:

  • Do the displayed name of the sender and the e-mail address match.
  • Are you being asked to do something quickly, e.g. to make a transfer for your superior?
  • Are the phrases vague, e.g. in the subject "Request" or in the name "Head"?

You can ignore or delete these emails.

If you are unsure whether the sender is genuine, ask him or her by telephone or contact our ServiceDesk on 061 / 207 14 11 from Monday to Friday, 08:30 - 17:30.

Please remain vigilant: never feel pressured to open attachments in an e-mail or a download link sent.

You can find further information on the "Phishing" topic page or on our intranet.